Write Your Book in 6 Months

Let's say you have six months to live.

I’m betting that you don’t want to make more money. I’m betting that you want to change more lives. And changing lives is one thing that books are uniquely equipped to do. Think of the books that have changed your life. The books that impacted you so deeply, you can’t imagine who you would be without them. It’s time to be that for other people. It’s time to write your book. It’s time to change more lives.  

You're not just building a business. 

You're igniting a movement.

Writing a book is the next step.  

It's the next step of building your legacy.  

The next step of creating the world you want your daughters and granddaughters to live in.  

It’s time to powerfully own your voice and speak to a bigger audience, from a bigger platform.  

It’s time to level up.  

Here's what a book can do for your business:

  • Reach more people and change more lives 
  • Position you as a thought leader in the field 
  • Grow your audience and expand your exposure 
  • Affect societal discourse and effect social change 
  • Connect you with thousands of prospective clients  

Having a book isn’t “nice-to-have,” someday. 

A book is must-have, now. 

Because your work is bigger than you.  

And right now, we both know that most of it is living in your brain.  

You’ve cast your vision to your team. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your work with clients. You’ve spoken on podcasts, on stages, at events.  

But you know, deep in your heart, that it’s time to play bigger. It’s time to speak to thousands, not hundreds. Tens of thousands. A million … and more.  

That’s what a book can do.  

A book can communicate powerful ideas. Loosen long-held beliefs. Change lives forever.  

Women are suffering because they haven’t yet encountered your big idea.  

You know that when they do, they will sigh with relief. They will tear up with recognition. They will be inspired to act.  

These women are your “why.”  

And they deserve to read your book.  

Write it for them.  

Write your book. Create your legacy.  

Here’s how it works:  

You commit to writing your book in six months.  

I commit to being your writing coach, your fiercest advocate, your first reader, your idea shaper. 

I have an MFA degree in creative writing. My first novel, Catchlight, won the Fairfield Book Prize and will be published in October 2020 by Woodhall Press. As a professional copywriter with my own successful business, I've written literally hundreds of emails, blog posts, websites and sales pages for women entrepreneurs like you.

Here’s the VIP treatment you'll receive:  

  • Two private, laser-focused 60-minute coaching sessions per month (12 in total) 
  • Two half VIP days - 4-hour working sessions during which we make huge progress in shaping the book
  • I read every word 

My superpowers include: 

  • Shaping disjointed ideas into a cohesive whole 
  • Structuring content to flow beautifully 
  • Supporting you to manage your time + your brain 
  • Helping you discover and honor the writing process that works for you 
  • Shepherding you through creative breakdowns and breakthroughs
  • Inspiring you to see ideas everywhere 

The investment:

$2,000/month for six months

Or save 20% when you pay in full

Your next steps: 

Schedule a free consult call below. 

Let's bring your book out of your brain and into the world.  

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About Me My name is Brooke Adams Law. I'm a writer, writing teacher and retreat leader. I hold an MFA degree in creative writing from Fairfield University and a bachelor’s degree in English from Vassar College. My first novel, Catchlight, won the Fairfield Book Prize in 2019 and will be published by Woodhall Press in October 2020.  

I've studied psychology, habit formation and self-coaching extensively. I know how to spot your bullshit and lovingly help you do the same - so that you can write what you're meant to write.